The series of flexible hydraulic hoses Cobraflex®

The flexible hydraulic hoses COBRAFLEX are manufactured according to the following international standards:
  • SAE 100 R1AT, SAE 100 R1S, EN 853 1SN: steel wire braid hoses
  • SAE 100 R2AT, SAE 100 R2S, EN 853 2SN: steel wire braid hoses
  • SAE 100 R17, EN 857 1SC: steel wire braid "compacts hoses"
  • SAE 100 R16, SAE 100 R16S, EN 857 2SC: steel wire braid "compacts hoses"
  • SAE 100 R9R, EN 856 4SP: steel wire spiral hoses
  • EN 856 4SH: steel wire spiral hoses

The flexible hydraulic hoses COBRAFLEX can be manufactured on request based on specs and performances exceeding the standards.

Cobraflex® Classic

Cobraflex® “classic” are high quality hydraulic hoses produced according to European and American regulations, respecting the highest specifications as for quality, resistance and durability.
Tested up to 200.000 pulses.

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Cobraflex® Heritage

Cobraflex® “heritage” hydraulic hoses come from 50 years of experience in producing and designing hoses according to strict market requirements. They look the same as the hoses produced in the first half of last century: they have a smooth cover which ensure a great resistance to abrasion and they are easy to be cleaned and inspected during the maintenance.
Tested up to 250.000 pulses.

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