Guaranted quality

Flexible hydraulic hoses Cobraflex® must pass hard resistance and durability tests such as leakage test, burst test, surge test, pulse test, ozone resistance test, stretching and continuous flexure resistance tests. Moreover, our hoses can be approved upon request by MSHA, a special U.S. approval for the use in severe environment such as mining.

At the end of the production process, the working pressure is tested every meter of hose: we apply for two times the double of the pressure marked on the hose. This procedure ensure our customers about the reduction of hidden production defects.

Guaranted quality ONE X TWO FORMULA

We strongly believe in the high quality of our hydraulic hoses Cobraflex® that's why we invented 1x2 formula: if a customer finds a defective hose, we replace it immediately with two new hoses.

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