How Cobraflex® was born?

The first hydraulic hoses arrived in Italy around the first half of last century from England: at that time, Aeroquip was the most important producer of flexible hoses used for aeronautic and military industries.

The Second World War gave a boost to the creation of new military airplanes, with an higher technology and easy to be maintained.

During 60s and 70s Pirelli, Manuli, Rapisarda and BTR Dunlop started hoses production for Europe while Gates, Goodyear and Parker started the production for USA. These products covered about the 100% of the market and their prices were very high – being the price per meter higher than today!

In the last 20 years many new brands have been created and a lot of hoses factories have been built throughout Europe; sometime the quality of those products was good but the prices were high, in other cases the products were cheaper but their quality was really questionable.

Within this fragmented scenario, starting from the brilliant idea of Peter F. Hurst, the founder of Aeroquip in 1940, we adopted the fundamental ideas of flexible hoses and we looked for the most influencing person in this field who could support the creation of high quality products.

Our main idea was to do things properly as people were used to do in the past, learn from the experience and mix the knowledge of the past and the know-how of the last sixty years about the most recent machine's technology in order to create a product which were original and competitive at the same time.

Based on our intuition, at the end of 1990s we created Cobraflex® hydraulic hose range.

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